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Bob Galinsky

Bob is the Market Strategy Manager at F.C. Dadson.

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Back to the future: store-within-a-store retail

Bob Galinsky | 12.06.17

One of the cool things about retail is that it's always changing. I'm old enough that I remember when Wal-Mart was a "new thing", and the advent of big box stores seemed to change everything. Like...

Are Robots the Future of Retail?

Bob Galinsky | 11.21.17

I'm old enough that I remember watching The Jetsons, an animated cartoon series that placed the archetypal 1960's family into the space-age future.

Scary Buildout Stories

Bob Galinsky | 10.31.17

Halloween is a great day to share tales of horror, and certainly as practitioners of the retail buildout we've heard more than a few.

The breakaway success of Olly, and what the lesson is for retailers

Bob Galinsky | 10.17.17

Olly is a new line of vitamins and supplements which is doing extremely well, racking up $80 million in sales in only its second year.

5 Things to Consider with your next Clinic Buildout

Bob Galinsky | 10.11.17

The market for urgent care medical services is growing rapidly. Kalorama Information estimates that this market is worth $15 billion, and that there are now over 10,000 urgent care locations in the...

$15/hr and the future of retail

Bob Galinsky | 10.10.17

So Target announced the other day that they would raise their starting pay to $15/hr by 2020. At first blush, I found this news surprising. Retail is often one of the lowest paying sectors of the...

5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Retail Buildout

Bob Galinsky | 10.03.17

Looking for ways to save time and money?  Of course, everyone is.  And the key, especially when doing something as complicated as a retail buildout, is to save that time and money without sacrificing...

A new kind of retail bank

Bob Galinsky | 09.28.17

I usually dread going to the bank. I have to wait in line at the teller, or sit in a central area waiting for a banker. I feel very much like a supplicant, and the bank is the boss, deciding when I...

Toys R Us and the larger picture

Bob Galinsky | 09.20.17

It was reported today that Toys R Usis seeking bankruptcy protection so it can continue to operate through the 4th quarter. The company (known as "TRU" in the toy industry) has $5 billion in...

Maybe it's not an apocalypse after all

Bob Galinsky | 09.07.17

New report indicates that retail stores are still opening