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Conceptual Design Services

Conceptual design services are often the first step in a turnkey retail buildout program. We will work with you to create a retail environment that reflects your brand. You can rest assured your store design will not only be aesthetically wonderful, but also practical, efficient and easy to roll out.

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Pre-Lease/LOI Consultation

We provide valuable construction insight with regards to site suitability, so you can make an informed business decision. By comparing existing site conditions with the work letter, we will advise on fundamental deficiencies that may impact your build-out costs.

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We help you navigate the complex trade offs between fitting all the brand elements into a specific site, while ensuring proper operational flow and code compliance.

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We hire and manage the Architect of Record, ensuring the plans are accurate, complete and brand compliant.

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GC Selection/Competitive Bidding

We help find a reliable, high quality General Contractor through a competitive bidding process.

We strive for a thorough bidding process to ensure accurate and tight bids to help mitigate the risk of delays and change orders, while providing the best view of market pricing via a competitive bidding process.

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Construction Project Management

We manage the general contractor and subcontractors on the buildout, so you can focus on other aspects of opening your location.

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Store in a Box

In terms of fitting our your store, we are a one stop shop. We design and build custom retail fixtures and millwork, and offer fulfillment services for important FF&E items.

Questions to ask

E-Guide: The Five Most Important Questions to Ask a Construction Management Firm

When hiring a construction management firm to manage your retail buildout, you'll want to make sure the company is a good fit for what you need. This guide will help you find a firm that's a great match for you and your company.

F.C. Dadson's Turnkey Retail Buildout Program


States where F.C. Dadson performs turnkey retail buildouts


Retail buildouts managed annually

$100K - $1M

Typical value range for buildout projects (individual locations)