A new kind of retail bank

Bob Galinsky | September 28, 2017

I usually dread going to the bank. I have to wait in line at the teller, or sit in a central area waiting for a banker. I feel very much like a supplicant, and the bank is the boss, deciding when I get to be seen (kind of like a doctor's office).

If I can avoid a boring, time-consuming experience I'll try to do it online. And that includes banking. Apparently I'm not alone either.

Capital One, in an interesting twist, has decided to open "cafes" in order to entice customers into brick and mortar locations.

This article has more information on the design of these cafes, and Capital One's objectives. Seems like a place I wouldn't mind visiting, especially if the coffee is good, and it makes sense to offer something pleasant to customers.

Increasingly, retailers are going to have to offer pleasant experiences, as well as simply goods or services, because the same goods and services can be bought online more conveniently.

If you're interested in re-thinking your retail strategy, F.C. Dadson's Design Services might be of interest. We work with all types of retailers to design and build environments that their customers will enjoy, and want to visit again.

Take care, and enjoy that coffee with your next loan!