Revolutionizing Entertainment With Thrillz Partnership

Bob Galinsky | October 24, 2023

Revolutionizing Adventure Entertainment with Thrillz: A Partnership for Exhilarating Success

The Client: Thrillz - High Flying Adventure Park

As the pioneer of the indoor wipeout-style action-adventure park concept, Thrillz has emerged as a distinctive player in the entertainment industry. Founded on the principle of pushing boundaries, Thrillz showcases a range of harness-free obstacles that redefine adventure. From the engineering marvel of 50-foot zip lines to meticulously designed ninja courses, the park's attractions emphasize both excitement and safety. Trampoline launch pads, rock climbing walls, and signature elements like the spinning sweeper and rolling log obstacles contribute to a diverse portfolio of experiences that cater to people of all ages.

The Challenge: Crafting a Thrilling Experience

Thrillz faced the challenge of extending its exhilarating brand essence into every facet of its adventure parks. From the moment guests set foot in the space to their interactions with staff, every touchpoint needs to evoke excitement and wonder. Designing and constructing an environment that embodied this dynamic experience required a dedicated partner capable of translating the brand's spirit into physical spaces. With plans of expanding down the east coast and with international expansion interest, Thrillz needed to ensure location and brand consistency, as well as the best interactive experience for customers they could offer starting with the front counter checkin and going as high as the 50-foot ziplines!

The Solution: Crafting a Spectacular Environment with FC Dadson

Thrillz found a kindred spirit in FC Dadson, known for our intricate millwork and hands-on customer service. FC Dadson's expertise aligned perfectly with Thrillz's vision of creating captivating environments. Through collaborative planning and innovative design, FC Dadson transformed Thrillz's concepts into tangible experiences that aligned with the brand's essence and long-term growth initiatives. The partnership involved the meticulous design and fabrication of immersive features, including a striking front counter that leaves a lasting first impression on guests, and ensures from curb to exit guest experience are at the forefront of Thrillz’s brand.

The Results: A Fusion of Branding and Adventure

FC Dadson's expertise in crafting premium millwork delivered spectacular results. The meticulously designed front counter, illuminated with vibrant LEDs, is a powerful a centerpiece that embodies Thrillz's brand ethos. The attention to detail, from color choices to material selection, harmonized perfectly with Thrillz's mission to provide a premium adventure experience. The partnership facilitated the creation of an environment that evoked awe and excitement from the moment guests entered the park. The customized millwork solution also ensured Thrillz’s brand consistency across all locations as the company is poised for expansion.