Restaurants: 3 Reasons To Use a National Fixture Supplier

Troy Schwehr | May 8, 2018

 You've worked hard on your restaurant business and the results show it.  You've opened several outlets and they are all cranking.  Now you're either busy franchising or building your own places across the region, or across the country.  Here are a few reasons you may want consider a national fixture provider.

  • Brand Consistency Every great restaurant starts with brand consistency. Keeping your brand intact from location to location, whether it's the food, service or decor, is the key to an overall positive customer experience. It starts from the moment the customer enters the location. If the quality isn’t there or it doesn’t look like other locations, this could lead to decreased customer satisfaction leading to lost revenue. Using different fixture providers for different locations can lead to inconsistency in design and quality, and damage the customer’s brand experience.
  • Standardization - When picking out decor to go into your restaurant, it can be difficult choosing from all the options. Instead of making those decisions on a store-by-store basis, make them once and standardize as much as possible. To do so requires a bit of thought on the front-end as you'll want to make sure to select items that will be available on a national level when you need them, aren't in any threat of being discontinued, and can be easily replaced if they are. This is especially true of interior décor items like flooring, wall finishes, and furniture where any changes could drastically alter the entire look and feel of a store. The time you spend making these decisions initially will help you build efficiency into your build-out program and save you time in the long-run.
  • Volume Discounting - By standardizing your fixtures with a national provider, you not only build efficiency into your program, but you can also take advantage of cost-savings by purchasing in larger quantities versus one-off unit pricing for items such as flooring, décor and furniture. 

Here at F.C. Dadson, we are proud to be national fixture providers to a number of fast-growing restaurant concepts.  And we'd love to hear about yours!