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Bob Galinsky

Bob is the Market Strategy Manager at F.C. Dadson.

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What will 2021 bring for Retail? A look at experts' predictions

Bob Galinsky | 02.11.21

2020 was a long year for most retailers.  The Covid pandemic closed stores and caused millions of people to stay home and shop online instead.  So what will 2021 look like? 

Franchises Cheer Joint Employer Rule

Bob Galinsky | 03.10.20


Brick and Mortar is Still Thriving

Bob Galinsky | 02.17.20


Why We Love Space Planning

Bob Galinsky | 12.11.19

One of the services we offer here at F.C. Dadson is space planning.  And one of the questions we get sometimes is “What is space planning and why would I need it?”

Trends in Laminate Surfaces

Bob Galinsky | 11.26.19

The difference between millwork, casework and retail fixtures

Bob Galinsky | 11.19.19

3 Ways to Simplify Your Retail Buildout

Bob Galinsky | 11.05.19

Commercial buildouts are complicated projects. Lots of moving parts. Lots of deadlines and schedules. Lots of people, all working towards the same goal, but needing to stay on the same page.

Scary Buildout Stories (Redux)

Bob Galinsky | 10.30.19

(Published this post two years ago, and it's still timely!) Halloween is a great day to share tales of horror, and certainly as practitioners of the retail buildout we've heard more than a few.

FC Dadson Announces General Contractor Selection and Competitive Bidding Service for Retail Build-Outs

Bob Galinsky | 10.17.19


What I learned working in our shop

Bob Galinsky | 09.26.19

I have soft hands. That was the first thing I learned. Our foreman Adam handed me a pair of gloves when I started, but no one else was wearing gloves, so I tried to work without them. After about...