How Reliable Millwork Helped Propel Shopko Optical's Unprecedented Growth

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The Client

Shopko Optical is a leading eyewear and eye care service provider in the United States. When the company underwent a change in ownership and set out to open 80 new locations in 180 days, they needed a reliable partner to help them provide high-quality fixtures and millwork to complete their new locations' buildouts. That's when they turned to F.C. Dadson.

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The Challenge

Shopko Optical faced a major challenge when their previous fixture supplier could not deliver high-quality fixtures in the required quantity within their strict production timeline. As a result, Shopko Optical's store relocation plans were put on hold, and they were in danger of losing market share to their competitors.


The Solution

Shopko Optical turned to us to provide high-quality fixtures and help them achieve their goals. F.C. Dadson's team worked closely with Shopko Optical to understand their requirements and design fixtures that met their specific needs. We also provided guidance on how to make the fixtures interchangeable to allow for easy changes and additions as needed. F.C. Dadson's flexible approach supported Shopko Optical in moving forward with their aggressive plans, despite the setbacks they had faced with their previous supplier.

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The Results

The results of Shopko Optical's partnership with F.C. Dadson were impressive. The high-quality fixtures that we delivered far exceeded the expectations of Shopko Optical, and they were able to make tweaks and changes along the way based on their store setup. Shopko Optical's Chief Development Officer, Donna Capichano, praised F.C. Dadson's flexibility and the fantastic quality of their product. She also noted that the fixtures received a lot of positive feedback from customers and contributed to the brand-specific environment of the stores.

Our partnership with Shopko Optical was a huge success, and the consistency of the fixtures was one of the most significant benefits of the collaboration. Had Shopko Optical worked with multiple suppliers, the consistency of the product would have been lost. F.C. Dadson's dedication to providing a consistent product was crucial to Shopko Optical's success in expanding their brand.


The Impact

The impact of F.C. Dadson's partnership with Shopko Optical was significant. F.C. Dadson's high-quality fixtures supported Shopko Optical in continuing its expansion plans and building its market share in the eyewear retail space. Their partnership also allowed Shopko Optical to achieve a consistent brand image across all stores, contributing to their overall brand recognition. The partnership's success was a testament to the trustworthiness and integrity of F.C. Dadson and the dedication of their team to delivering the best possible product under tight deadlines. Shopko Optical was highly satisfied with the collaboration and would recommend F.C. Dadson without hesitation to other retailers looking for a reliable and high-quality fixture supplier.

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Why do clients trust F.C. Dadson?

Working with F.C. Dadson actually saved us money! Not only did they come in at a crisis point in our project, but they also delivered the product efficiently, expertly, and under budget. Incredible.

Donna Capichano, Director of Store Development, Shopko Optical

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