How FC Dadson's Services Helped Create Consistency and Growth for Perspire Sauna Studios


The Client

Perspire Sauna Studios is a pioneering brand in the sauna industry, known for being one of the first to combine infrared saunas with red light therapy chromotherapy. With a focus on providing a clean, elevated, and spa-like experience, Perspire aims to create a sense of brand identity and consistency across all their locations. Their millwork package, expertly executed by FC Dadson, plays a crucial role in shaping their studios' ambiance and overall look and feel. By offering construction project management services, Perspire ensures that their franchisees can navigate the complexities of construction without stress while receiving guidance and resources from FC Dadson, who has become a trusted partner in their growth journey.


The Challenge

Perspire Sauna Studios faced challenges with standardizing their construction process and ensuring consistent brand identity across their locations. They needed a reliable partner to help manage their millwork and construction projects, providing expert guidance and maintaining brand standards.


The Solution

Perspire Sauna Studios partnered with FC Dadson because we offered reasonable prices and high-end finishes that aligned with Perspire's brand vision. We expanded our services to include custom solutions, such as procuring fiberglass pocket doors, which saved Perspire on costs and shipping. Perspire indicated that our expertise and attention to detail helped create a clean, elevated look that resonated with their spa-inspired brand.


The Results

By leveraging FC Dadson's services, Perspire Sauna Studios experienced significant growth and improved operational efficiency. In 2022, they successfully opened nine new locations, and in the first half of 2023, they opened ten more, effectively doubling their expansion rate. The partnership with FC Dadson enabled Perspire to streamline their construction process, ensuring consistent quality and timely completion of projects.


The Impact

The collaboration between Perspire Sauna The collaboration between Perspire Sauna Studios and FC Dadson had a notable impact on the franchise's success. FC Dadson's project management services allowed franchisees to focus on their core business while leaving construction management to the experts. This reduced stress and ensured a smooth construction experience for franchisees. The expertise and resources provided by FC Dadson helped franchisees overcome challenges and make informed decisions, leading to successful and on-budget store openings.


Perspire Sauna Studios highly recommends FC Dadson to other businesses, emphasizing the value they bring as subject matter experts who go beyond millwork. The partnership allowed Perspire to open locations faster, maintain brand consistency, and benefit from FC Dadson's guidance and strategic input. With ongoing collaboration, Perspire Sauna Studios envisions a continued partnership and bright future with FC Dadson as they expand their franchise network and evolve their brand.

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