Bob Galinsky | June 13, 2023


Shopko Optical, a leading eyewear, and eye care service provider, was at a crossroads when it embarked on a rapid expansion plan. To open 80 new locations in 180 days, they faced a daunting challenge: finding a reliable millwork supplier capable of meeting their tight production timelines and quality requirements. The success of their expansion and their competitive edge were at stake.

Exceeding Expectations with Superior Service and Millwork 

Amidst the pressure, F.C. Dadson emerged as the perfect match. Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the situation, F.C. Dadson became Shopko Optical's trusted partner. With their deep expertise in custom millwork solutions for retail chains, F.C. Dadson offered not only a product but a comprehensive solution tailored to Shopko Optical's unique needs. Their collaboration was built on a shared vision of excellence, timely delivery, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

As the partnership unfolded, F.C. Dadson's commitment to excellence shone through. Working closely with Shopko Optical, they delved into the specific requirements and meticulously designed fixtures that surpassed all expectations.  Donna Capichano, Chief Development Officer of Shopko Optical, expressed her gratitude for a job well done. "When F.C. Dadson got our call, they jumped into our challenge immediately. They became owners in our outcome instantly,” Capichano said. “We were very pleased with the quality of the fixtures and the overall professionalism of the F.C. Dadson team. The product they delivered was amazing.”

Creating a Seamless Brand Experience

A key advantage of partnering with F.C. Dadson was the consistency and cohesion they brought to Shopko Optical's brand experience. Because F.C. Dadson was the sole millwork supplier, they could ensure a uniform look and feel across all locations.  

The partnership between Shopko Optical and F.C. Dadson went beyond a transactional arrangement; it flourished as a collaboration built on trust and shared success. F.C. Dadson's expertise and unwavering dedication has helped Shopko Optical to push forward with its ambitious growth plans, enabling them to meet and surpass its expansion targets. 

Capichano emphasized the impact, stating, "The level of trust we have in F.C. Dadson is very high. They've earned it. They keep their word, and that's admirable."

The Real Results of a Reliable Millwork Partner

Capichano further praised F.C. Dadson's performance and impact on their project. She remarked, "Working with F.C. Dadson actually saved us money! Not only did they come in at a crisis point in our project, but they also delivered the product efficiently, expertly, and under budget. Incredible."

She emphasized the unique partnership with F.C. Dadson, stating, "I would absolutely recommend F.C. Dadson without hesitation. The partnership is amazing. It’s not just working with a vendor it's working with a partner that gives a personal touch—not just manufacturing." 

The impact of F.C. Dadson's contributions to Shopko Optical's expansion plans cannot be overstated. Their partnership enabled Shopko Optical to achieve its ambitious growth targets, solidify its market presence, and create a consistent and captivating brand experience across all stores. F.C. Dadson's dedication to delivering superior millwork solutions has helped to establish Shopko Optical as a leader in the eyewear retail industry.

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